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    Portion Control

    How Much Should We Eat?

    Understanding Portion Size:

    • Helps to ensure that the vitamins and minerals in the foods you eat are balanced.
    • Helps you maintain control in a world of double, triple and super-sized portions.
    • Helps with weight control by balancing the proteins, fats and carbohydrates you consume.


    Visualize Portion Size

    1 tsp.
    One die
    Scrabble Tile 
    1 oz.
    Two dominoes
    Three dice 
    1/4 cup
    Roll of tape 
    1 Tbsp.
    Poker chip
    1/2 walnut shell
    2 Tbsp.
    Golf ball

    1/2 cup
    Computer mouse
    Light bulb

    3 oz.
    Deck of cards
    Bar of soap 
    1 cup
    Tennis ball 
    6 oz.
    Pack of index cards
    3 x 5 frame 








    Your Guide to Portion Size

    Fruits and Vegetables
    1cup raw greens/vegetables
    1/2 cup cooked vegetables
    1 small fresh fruit
    1 cup berries or melon
    1/2 cup diced fruit
    1/2 cup fruit juice

    Dairy and Cheese
    1 cup milk
    6 oz. yogurt
    1 oz. cheese

    Grains and Starches
    1/3 cup rice (cooked)
    1/2 cup pasta (cooked)
    3/4 cup dry cereal
    1/2 cup cooked legumes, dry beans
    1/2 cup potato, sweet potato
    1 slice bread
    1 tortilla, pancake, waffle (6 inch)

    Fish, Meats and Nuts
    3-4 oz. fish, poultry, lean meat
    2 Tbsp. nut butter
    1/4 cup nuts
    1 egg

    Fats and Oils
    1 tsp. butter
    1 Tbsp. oil
    1 Tbsp. salad dressing

    Sweets and Treats
    1 oz. chocolate
    2-inch square cake or brownie
    2 small cookies
    1/2 cup ice cream
    1Tbsp. syrup or jelly