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    *Exercise Guidelines

    Cardio/Aerobic Training

    Moderate Intensity
    Vigorous Intensity
    A Combination

    30+ minutes per session
    5 days per week
    20+ minutes per session
    3 days per week
    Total 4-5 times per week

    Resistance/Strength Training
    Each major muscle group,
    2-3 times per week

    Each major muscle group,
    2+ times per week
    (*hold stretches for 10-20 seconds each

    The program should be modified according to an individual's habitual physical activity, physical function, health status, exercise responses and stated goals. Adults who are unable or unwilling to meet the exercise targets outlined here still can benefit from engaging in amounts of exercise less than recommended. Make sure to incorporate play and random, light activities each week to avoid boredom and plateaus. Always consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.

    *Adapted from the American College of Sports Medicine current stance on physical activity.

    Common Physical Activity by Intensity 

    • Walking slowly around home or office
    • Sitting: using computer at desk, using light hand tools
    • Standing performing light work such as making a bed, washing dishes, ironing, preparing food
    • Arts & crafts, playing cards
    • Billiards
    • Darts
    • Fishing (sitting)
    • Playing most musical instruments
    • Gardening
    • Yoga (beginner)
    • Tossing a Frisbee
    • Bowling
    • Camping
    • Light housework 
    • Walking briskly
    • Heavy cleaning: washing windows, washing car, cleaning garage
    • Sweeping floors or carpet, vacuuming, mopping
    • General carpentry
    • Carrying and stacking wood
    • Mowing lawn with walking power mower
    • Basketball shoot around
    • Bicycling on flat ground
    • Dancing: slow or fast (Zumba, Jazzercise, etc.)
    • Fishing from river bank while standing/walking
    • Golf: walking and pulling clubs
    • Swimming leisurely
    • Tennis (doubles)
    • Volleyball (non-competitive)
    • Yoga (moderate to intense)
    • Skate boarding
    • Weight training 
    • Walking, jogging and running
    • Walking at a very brisk pace
    • Walking/hiking at a moderate pace and grade without or with light backpack
    • Hiking at steep grades and with backpack
    • Shoveling sand, etc.
    • Carrying heavy loads such as bricks, etc.
    • Heavy farming such as baling hay
    • Shoveling, digging ditches
    • Basketball game
    • Bicycling: moderate effort and fast
    • Skiing cross country
    • Soccer match
    • Swimming: moderate/hard
    • Tennis singles
    • Volleyball (competitive)
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Running stairs
    • Advanced weight training