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    Stress Management


    Feeling like there are too many pressures and demands on you between work, life and home? Losing sleep worrying about everything? Eating on the run because your schedule is just too busy? You're not alone. Everyone experiences stress at times but there are ways to minimize stress and manage the stress that is unavoidable. Your ability to manage your stress levels will distinguish you as a well-adapted and balanced person.

    Taking daily, small steps to help lower your stress levels will reduce the physical and emotional tolls of stress. So, where do you start? In addition to trying out the recommended apps on your phone, pick any three tasks below (or make up your own) at the beginning of each week to complete.

    • Make a "To Do" list
    • Say "No" to an unnecessary project
    • Write down the activities you have control over and the ones you don't
    • Begin an exercise program or change your current program
    • Take time out and smell the flowers or taste the strawberries
    • Enjoy the immediate experience in any positive situation
    • Meditate or pray for 15 minutes on three days
    • Practice positive self-talk while driving to work on two days
    • Do two nice things for strangers
    • Leave a nice and unexpected note for someone
    • Take a 15 minute walk with nature without headphones
    • Turn off the TV and/or computer 2 hours before bedtime on three nights
    • Write down what you are thankful for before falling asleep on two nights
    • Read a chapter out of a new book on three nights
    • Do one thing that is outside of your comfort zone
    • Learn to laugh for a few minutes every day

    Here is a list of our favorite apps to help manage stress.

    Two Week Challenge Check Off Sheet