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    BRG Fit! Nutrition
    Guidelines for healthier living

    You've probably heard of "clean" eating. Well, BRG Fit! is based on those principles ... basically "cleaning up" your diet by eating more of the healthiest foods available while eliminating the not-so-healthy ones. It means embracing foods like vegetables, fruits, proteins and healthy fats while cutting back on grains, starches, added sugars and unhealthy oils. This process is about moving your body closer to its original "default" settings and cutting back on processed and refined foods. It is not intended to be another rigid, generic diet. Benefits include feeling better, improved energy, and healthier skin and hair. This guide will help you understand what foods are best for you and which foods you should avoid.

    Consult your BRG Fit team for more details. And remember --- before starting any nutrition or fitness program, speak to your primary care physician or a Baton Rouge General healthcare provider. For more information, visit brgeneral.org/wellness or call the Health and Wellness Center at (225) 819-1175.



    Making Healthy Choices
    Portion Control
    Build A Healthy Plate

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