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    Smoking Cessation Program

    Baton Rouge General can provide you with the tools and support you need to be successful in quitting tobacco with our Smoking Cessation program. There is no cost for employees for one five-week program series.*

    The five-week Smoking Cessation program is a combination of American Cancer Society's FreshStart program and Baton Rouge General FIT! initiatives. Group sessions will address real life issues surrounding the lifestyle of a smoker, including weight control, stress management, fighting the urge to smoke and staying smoke-free.

    Let us help you get started on a smoke-free lifestyle today. This five-week session covers the following topics:

    • Decide to quit
    • Planning to quit
    • Your quit day
    • Staying quit
    • Healthy tips to support your quit


    june Series
    Register Online

    For more information or to register for the Smoking Cessation program, call (225) 387-QUIT (7848).

    *General Health System employees will have access to additional benefits while enrolled in the program.

    • The $25 fee for the hospital’s smoking cessation program will be waived.
    • Over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapies will be available at no cost when obtained through the Health and Wellness Center.
    • Prescription medication assistance is also provided to all employees actively participating in the program. Employees must have a valid prescription from a physician and bring it to the Health and Wellness Center, where they will be given a voucher to use at the Employee Pharmacy.
    • No deductible or co-pay will be applied on prescription medications for GHS health plan members when the prescriptions are filled through the BRG Employee Pharmacy.
    For more information or to register for the program, call (225) 387-QUIT (7848). You can also register online below.

    ** Employees must obtain over-the-counter nicotine replacement therapy products through the Metabolic Spectrum Center in order to receive the products at no cost.

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