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    Outstanding Nursing Units and Clinical/Support Departments Receive ALWAYS Going for Gold Trophies for the Week of July 11, 2011

    The ALWAYS Going for Gold Committee is recognizing the outstanding nursing units and clinical/support departments that have made significant improvements and contributions to our patient satisfaction scores.

    Each week, the ALWAYS Going for Gold Committee is now awarding a rotating trophy to the nursing unit at both Mid City and Bluebonnet that has shown the most improvement in their HCAHPS scores for the week. A trophy will also be awarded each week to the clinical/support department at each campus that has made an exceptional contribution to our overall HCAHPS composite score.  

    The winners and pictures from the first trophy presentation held on Monday, July 11 are listed below.

    Most Improvement in HCAHPS Scores for the Week Beginning July 11
    Bluebonnet Nursing Unit Winner: PTB4 - Crystal Sims, Manager 
    Mid City Nursing Unit Winner: 2 NW - Marcia Henry, Manager

    Bluebonnet Nursing Unit Winners from PTB4 with Edgardo Tenreiro


               Mid City Nursing Unit Winners from 2NW with Anna Cazes & Edgardo Tenreiro              


    Exceptional Contribution to the Overall HCAHPS Composite Score
    Clinical/Support Department Winner for both Mid City & Bluebonnet: Rehabilitation Services - Geri Sutton, Director


    Clinical/Support Department Winners from the Rehab Department with Edgardo Tenreiro


    Congratulations to this week's winners and remember to ALWAYS Go for Gold for Patient Satisfaction!

    Congratulations to the ALWAYS Going for Gold iPod Nano Winners!

    Congratulations to Lainie Audas, Registered Occupational Therapist in the Bluebonnet Rehab department, and Kim Gary, RN in the Pediatrics Unit, on winning iPod Nanos from the ALWAYS Going for Gold kickoff events. The winners' names were drawn Monday, February 14, at the ALWAYS Going for Gold Team Kickoff Event.


    Picture 1 (From left to right): Anna Cazes, VP of Patient Care, iPod Winner Lainie Audas, Registered Occupational Therapist, and Edgardo Tenreiro, Executive VP and COO; Picture 2 (From left to right): iPod Winner Kim Gary, RN in Peds, and Anna Cazes, VP of Patient Care

    Click here to check out more pictures from the ALWAYS Going for Gold Team Kickoff event.


    ALWAYS Going for Gold Kickoff Event

    Baton Rouge General is launching a renewed focus on patient satisfaction. "ALWAYS Going for Gold" will start this month with a two-day kickoff event. The kickoff event will start Wednesday, January 19 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Bluebonnet Cafeteria and continue at the Mid City Cafeteria Thursday, January 20 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

    The kickoff is a recruitment event where Employees can sign-up to be a member of one of the seven Patient Satisfaction teams. At the event, Employees will be given a ticket upon entrance and will get a stamp for each booth (based on the seven teams) they visit. Employees who get a stamp from all seven booths can submit their ticket into a drawing to win an IPod Nano.

    The seven teams are:

    • Communications
    • Measurement
    • Patient Satisfaction
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Service Recovery
    • Reward and Recognition
    • Values

    Get excited about "ALWAYS Going for Gold" and see you at the kickoff event January 19 and 20!